The Wickey family is honestly one of my very favorite families that come into our studio. We have been photographing their littles for quite a few years now, I believe since their 3rd was a baby, at their preschool. We were so excited to formally meet and photograph their newest addition, baby number 5.

We also let the kids take a break to play in the prop room and we were able to take a few snaps of Mom and Dad for their 10 year wedding anniversary. Yay!

I just love these sweet faces, with names you don’t hear every day because they are named after some of our country’s greatest presidents; starting with 7 year old big brother Jackson, beautiful little lady Reagan, sweet baby sister Kennedy, adorable beyond words 3 year old Truman (he makes me work lol), and last but not least, sweet baby boy Lincoln, just two months old.

They are some of my most precious and loved little clients. <3

P.S. And they are ridiculously photogenic.

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What a difference a year makes…remember this sweet angel?

Anna 004

Well, she just turned a year old! I know, time sure flies, right?

She is always such a delight to photograph and I always capture such beautiful images of her precious face. Recently, she just started taking a few steps here and there. During the Candy Store backdrop set up, I handed her one of our donut props. She was so excited about it, she stood up, giggled and walked about 5 steps over to me, right into my arms! Her mommy told me that was the most steps she had ever taken up until then. It was so very sweet, and it touched my heart as my oldest son Rhys took his very first REAL steps in our studio as well.

Happy Birthday, beautiful Anna. I look forward to watching you grow even more in the next coming years. <3


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