Reprogel ~ Turkey Creek Sanctuary

One last post before bed…We met Dawn Reprogel about 6 years ago at a preschool we work at in West Melbourne, where her youngest son attended for a few years. The first time we met, Christian was under two years old, now he is 7 and Zach is 13! What’s special about Dawn, and she may not know this, but hers was one of the very first families to visit our studio when we first opened, that wasn’t a friend of ours. A legit, called us up and booked us, REAL studio session, when we first opened. She loved our work at the school and wanted to have her family photographed by us as well.

Fast forward to now, Dawn and her family have become part of our family over the years, and we have watched her kids grow into little men through our lenses and our eyes. Both of our families have crazy busy lives, we don’t get to see each other as often as we should, but when we do, we always have such a great time together (you can see from some of these images, we are a bunch of goofballs together!). I always look forward to our next sessions and I am grateful to have such a wonderful family in our lives.

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